The Health Benefits of LED Lighting

LED bulbs

No Headaches 

The flicker and buzz caused by AC light sources causes eyestrain and headaches. This type of lighting has also been other health concerns such as irritability, hyper activity and fatigue. LED light is solid state power (DC) so there is no buzz or flicker.

No Harmful Substances

LED’s do not contain mercury or  other harmful toxic substances that are found in fluorescent and CFL light sources.

Better Mood

Clinical studies have identified that LED lighting can be therapeutic for individuals who suffer from mood disorders such as chronic fatigue, SAD and post partum.

No UV Radiation

LED’s do not emit harmful levels of UV radiation like other light sources do.  This is not only healthier for your body but also for your artwork and fabrics.

Eco Friendly 

LED bulbs are completely recyclable, which makes them a more sustainable source for the environment.