LED Lighting

LED Track Lights

The new face of LED. Brand new LED track lights from Think Green Solutions.
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LED Ceiling Light

Enhance your decor with our stylish new line of LED ceiling lights. All the energy savings and long lifetime you expect from an LED light and gorgeous style to boot!
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LED Security Lights

When security is important, trust the long lasting LED technology from Think Green Solutions. These lights burn bright, cost a fraction of traditional lights to operate and will last you a lifetime!
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LED Wall Pack Lights

When you need wall mounted, high intensity lighting. Our wall pack LED lighting fixtures are the obvious choice for energy savings, quality light and long lifespan!
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Easy Swap Driverless LED tubes

The first and only patented direct replacement LED tubes. Equipped with our patented “Easy Swap” technology, these tubes require no wiring and no modification of your existing fixtures. Will work perfectly with your existing ballasts and have a 50,000 hours lifespan.
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LED Panels

Replace your traditional fluorescents with our LED pannels for a bright and natural light in your office or home. With considerable energy savings and a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can’t go wrong!
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Recessed LED’s from Think Green Solutions

All the aesthetics of a recessed light combined with the energy efficiency of our LED technology.
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LED Replacement Bulbs

Replace your regular bulbs and halogens with LED bulbs from Think Green Solutions and reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%.
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Our complete catalogue

Our complete LED lighting line of products in one comprehensive catalogue.
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