Induction Lighting

Our Induction Lighting Products

Purposely designed for commercial and industrial applications, our Induction Lighting products offer a wide range of lighting solutions that are perfectly adapted to any kind of environment. High bay lighting, low bay lighting, street lighting, tunnel lighting, garage lighting, flood lighting, surface mount lighting, etc. You will find what you need with our Think Green Induction Lighting systems.

Induction Lamps and Bulbs
Our Induction Lamps and Bulbs are the driving force behind our Induction Lighting systems. Our induction lamps offer a 100,000 hour lifespan, a reduction of energy consumption of up to 86% and unmatched lighting efficiency and quality. With a sturdy design and time tested and proven reliability, you will be able to practically eliminate all maintenance costs related to lighting. Can you say ROI?
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High Bay / Low Bay Induction Lighting
Our High Bay / Low Bay Induction Lights are our most popular induction lighting products and are perfect to replace high bay and low bay Metal Halyde (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. Our High Bay induction lights are typically used in warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, etc. where high quality, high efficiency, long lasting lighthing is needed.
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Street Induction Lighting
Our Street Induction Lighting solutions are used all around the world to provide high quality lighting to streets, highways, parking lots, etc. Their unmatched lifespan of 100,000 hours make them the perfect choice for municipal and other governments who want to reduce maintenance and energy costs while providing well lit streets to their residents. Induction Street Lights from Think Green Solutions also offer an instant start, which basically eliminates any “warm up” time and provides 100% lighting output within seconds of firing.
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Tunnel Induction Lighting
Just like our Street Induction Lights, our Tunnel Induction Light offers unmatched lifespan of 100,000 hours, high quality lighting and instant ON capabilities. Its breakthrough design make it the perfect choice for providing high quality, high efficiency lighting to any kind of tunnel structure.
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Garage Induction Lighting
Our Garage Induction Lights feature corrosion resistant, shatter proof housing perfect for garage, parking garages and gas station environments.
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Surface Mounted / Freezer Induction Lighting
Our Surface Mounted / Freezer Induction Lights are the perfect lighting solution for cold environments where instant start and high quality lighting efficiency is needed regardless of the temperature.
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Induction Flood Lighting
Our Induction Flood Lights are the perfect solution to provide high efficiency and high quality lighting to parks, buildings, billboards, etc. The breakthrough design of our Flood Induction fixtures provides constant, high quality lighting for environments where flood lighting is required.
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Wallpack Induction Lighting
Wallpack Induction Lighting fixtures from Think Green Solutions are purposely designed to provide eco-friendly, high efficiency lighting to outlets, plazas, city halls, etc. where wall mounted lighting is required. Same unmatched 100,000 hours lifespan and up to 86% energy savings as our complete line of induction lights.
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